Saturday, July 18, 2009

Projects, Projects, Projects...

First things first. I have pictures of the garter!

The bride added the brooch as her "something old" as it is a treasure from her Grandmother. I think it did turn out quite nice. And the bride was very nice in being willing to slip on shorts and let me take quick pictures while we were visiting. Yea! She has promised me some of the professional shots when she gets her wedding pics, but those will go in my portfolio as they aren't really mine to share. These will have to do :)

The next accomplishment of the past two months is that I finished my Rose Pouch. this pouch is to be a gift for when a Queen of the West Kingdom (SCA) steps down. I found many different style of pouches and purses, and I really liked the ease of use in a ring style pouch.
This site had a wonderful ring pouch with a "lid" of sorts that would provide a place in which to embroider the rose. I then chose to make the top circular as well so that I could fit it with a ring also and give the whole top more structure. I am not sure if that really was period or not, but for this project it made a sort of sense. I made the pouch itself out of two layers of heavy linen suiting. It should wear well and it looks good. I will admit that I am becoming a bit spoiled. I really LOVE working with linen, especially when hand stitching.
The lid itself is out of 100% wool felt with wool applique and gilded leather edging. I added glass seed beads in the center of the rose as "seeds". I am very pleased whit how it turned out, and I am really hoping that she likes it also. the bummer part is that I will have to wait till January to find out :)
Here are a few pictures...

The leather itself is fine pigskin and is actually pretty easy to use. I used silk and cotton threads, and I padded the lid with cotton batting. The belt loop is two layers of the linen and one layer of the wool, all stitched together. Hopefully it will put up with some abuse.
I have one more pouch to finish. It is the same style, but a bit trickier as it is a snowflake edged in silver leather. It is tough to keep the snowflake "airy" while edging it. I am going to add beads to it also so that it has a bit of sparkle.
the very last project in motion for the August event is the "journey" bags for the kids' activity. The kids get to go on a search to find the different royals and officers that are at the event, and in return they get neat tokens that those people have made. The bags are for them to decorate to their heart's content, and then to use to keep the tokens in as they journey. The bags are simple muslin bags with twill tape handles.
Quite simple...just a rectangle with the strap sewn to the sides. It is double layered, so it should hold up for a while. They are easy to make, the big trick is that I have to get 50 of them made. Oh well :)
I probably won't bother with any new garb at all for the event. I do have the cuffs done for the smock, but I really don't want to do a rush job on that. It will just have to wait. If I do anything at all, I will remake the bodice on my old blue kirtle so that it fits a bit better. But we shall see.....

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