Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Deep Breaths

Purgatorio/Oerthan Coronet and the local fair are Over! This means that all the projects I had major time limits on are now done, and I am now slipping back into the relatively quiet school year. Things can now get back to a more concrete routine, and I might actually get more done. Besides, snow will be falling soon enough, and I will be back to my warm and fully indoor arts.

So, what did I get done? Well, the rose pouch I posted pictures of a while ago. I also got the snowflake pouch done. It was in the same style as the rose pouch, but it was done in blue velvet with white wool and silver leather instead of the gold. I also added a few beads as accent and put the intended recipient's initial in the center of the snowflake. I think it came out lovely, and she did seem happy with the finished pouch. Silly me though, I didn't get pictures of that either. I seem to be really bad about taking pictures of my work before it gets given away. I am trying to get pictures of the pouch, I hope to have some soon.

I did get one new basic smock made. It is mostly machine stitched, but I hand finished the seams on the sleeves and did the hem and cuffs as well as the neckline. I used a pearl for the cuff button, and used a needlelace stitch to create the buttonhole. I got the sleeves assembled by hand for the other new smock and I have a general idea for the blackwork on the sleeves themselves. I have the cuffs blackworked, but not assembled yet. I am using the Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion Volume 4 as the heavy part of my research. It is one thing to look at paintings of pieces, and another to see an actual piece, even if it is just a photograph of one. Her book has been a blessing to me. I am really hoping to have the new Tudor kirtle and overdress done by the Oerthan Winter Coronet and the best part would be the smock. It will all depend on health and other distractions as to what I actually get done.

Other things I got done...I made a new bodice for my old Flemish/Tudor kirtle. It is one I made several years ago. It is blue linen with an inner heavy canvas layer and lined in blue linen for the bodice and a cream linen for the skirt. It is one of my favorite kirtles, and the bodice was well loved and worn. Some of the eyelets were tearing and it did need some resizing. Much to my happiness, I found remaining fabric from when I made it, tucked into the back corner of my fabric stash. I was very happy to have an exact match for making the new bodice. The assembly went well, and it looks good...my only disappointment is that the new bodice ended up a bit big. It is a hazard of resizing something and not being able to pin oneself. I will tweak it sometime this fall.

Other than finishing the journey bags I discussed in my last note and the stuff I noted above, my last major project was three "toy boxes". I purchased three 7"x9.5" unfinished boxes and painted one in Kingdom colors, one in Principality colors, and one in my Barony's colors. I then decoupaged the Arms of each on top of correct box. I then purchased doll clothespins, the doll stand bases for the pins, 2" round wood balls, 1.5" flat coin shapes in wood, .75" wood square blocks, and thin wooden dowels. Using the information I found, and a bit of imagination, I was able to create four game sets for each box. The dowels were cut to 8" lengths and then painted colors, sealed and turned into pick up sticks. The little wood blocks I painted and then marked as die. Even though they weren't made for such a use, they actually roll pretty randomly, so they are reasonably suited for dice. The flat coin shapes were painted one color on one side, and another on the other side, and then I made a basic "tic tac toe" board out of muslin. There was the third game. The last game required me painting the clothespins and gluing them into the doll bases so that they could be free standing. I then painted the balls and those two things were then a tabletop set of nine-pin. I put together a set of the period rules for all the various games, and included an additional page of period and peri-oid games that could be used to entertain kids as events. That includes the much older "kids" as well. I had a great deal of fun playing a version of Yacht with the dice. I used pre-cut wood pieces and acrylic paints and sealers. I wanted to show that it only took basic skills and little cost to put together a simple toy kit. I also wanted to keep the items as safe as possible for any kids that might play with them. There are no sharp edges, non-toxic paints were used and there were no points on the sticks. I gave away the other two boxes to the places they needed to go, so all I have to get pictures of is the one I did for the Barony.

Once again, me not taking pictures.

Anyway, that is it for now. I have a stumpwork rose I am finishing as well as a couple of needlebooks. I then need to kick back into gear on the Tudor. Till next time...

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