Monday, September 28, 2009

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'....

For whatever reason, the theme from Rawhide has been going through my head. I wish herding my personal "cats" were as easy as herding cattle *sigh*. Toddlers, teenagers, hubands, bureaucrats, and just insanity in general. It doesn't leave a ton of time to just sit and stitch...boy, I sure miss that! So, I haven't gotten as much done as I had wished, but I haven't been totally stationary. I did get a couple of small things done, and I did the finishing for a couple of pieces a friend made.
First things first, I got pictures from the snowflake pouch I made. The recipient was an angel and made some wonderful photos for me.

Not bad. I was pretty pleased with how the silver leather worked for the outline. Just a few beads added a bit of sparkle without making it too much for the person who I made it for. She seems happy, so I did my job right :)

I haven't gotten much else done over the past month, but a few things were finished. I did get some needlebooks finished. I made one as a prize for a contest,and two to be given as gifts. I also did the finishing on a couple of pieces that a friend made. She does beautiful work, but then never knows what to do with them, so she gives some of them to me to finish and then give as gifts. That's one of the best parts of the SCA to me...I always have an excuse to make things, and a place to give them away. It works for me.
This was made for an Arts and Sciences contest winner. She got to pick the colors, and I aimed the design towards her liking of Scandinavian and Moorish medieval cultures. The button is made of linen fabric and the loop was created with a tatting style button-hole stitch. It was worked in cross-stitch in silk thread on 28ct even weave and then finished with linen fabric and wool felt pages.

These were the needlebooks for gifts. Simple blackwork designs worked on 28ct even-weave in silk thread and then finished with linen linings and wool felt pages. I used ties for these books as a button would have thrown off the design. I am working on another contest prize, and I will post pictures when it gets finished.
Other than the needlebooks, I have been doing more research on the Tudor dress I want to do. Yeah, I know...this is the reason I started this blog in the first place. However, Margo Anderson has come out with a Tudor women's pattern, and I have been breathlessly waiting for it to appear. I recieved it two days ago, and have been avidly going over it. What makes me really happy is that it is actually confirming some of the ideas I already had formed while looking at extant examples and paintings. I am feeling far more confident at making at least a working woman's Tudor dress, for starters. Now I just have to find the time....*sigh*. the really silly part is that I need to make the kirtle first, and then the smock...but it is the smock that I want to get to so I can blackwork it :) Oh well, patience is a virtue.
Anyway, that is it for now. I am glad that I at least got one post in for September, even if it was cutting it close to the end of the month. I know that there really isn't anyone reading this, but it does me good to set a goal of at least a once a month post to help keep me on some kind of track. It helps...

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